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The account that you use to sign up for a SlitherSense is considered a root account. Within the root account you can create additional user accounts. These user accounts can either be administrators of that root account or read-only users. For example, if you are a parent and you want your children to be able to monitor and respond to events within the SlitherSense deployment you can create a read-only user that your child can log into to access the data however, they will not be able to modify anything. The root account that is used to sign up for SlitherSense is the only account that has access to the available credits of the account. Also, this account cannot be disabled or deleted. User accounts that are created by you, the root account, can be deleted.

See All Users

To access the list of Users, click Users -> All Users.
NOTE:You will not be able to access the users information if you are not an administrator of the account.

You will see a table that lists all users.

You can click on the pencil icon to edit a user or the X icon to delete.

The root account is the primary owner of the SlitherSense deployment. That account cannot be deleted.
You will not see actions for the account you are currently logged in as. If you wish to modify your own profile, click on the user icon in the top right and click profile.

Edit User

From /locations if you click on the 'pencil' icon it will take you to the edit profile form for the user. You can change various attributes about the user from here, including the user's password.

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