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Desc.: The SS1 device is a Bluetooth Low Energy temperature and humidity sensor.
Battery: The SS1 contains an internal high-capacity lithium-ion cell. This battery is not replaceable or serviceable.
Opening: To avoid risk of injury, the SS1 should not be opened.
Life: The beaconing and sensing configuration on the SS1 results in a calculated lifetime of 105 months, approximately 8.75 years, from the time the device is turned on.
Power Switch: The SS1 has a tactile switch on the back of the device that can be used to power on and off the device. Depress the button for 5 seconds to turn off (the red LED will blink 8 times prior to power down). Depress for 3 seconds to turn on.
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.3° Celsius
Humidity Accuracy: +/- 2% Relative Humidity


Do you have an idea for a device with a particular sensor that would be helpful? Drop us a note at hello@slithersense.com.

Thoughts we've had:

  • Light / UV Sensor
  • Remotely controllable outlet (turn lights on/off remotely and via schedule)
  • VOC Sensor: Lizard pooped? Get an alert.
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