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The IOS and Android applications serve four purposes:

  1. The first purpose is to show you real time information about the devices that are near your phone. You will be able to see the current values for the sensors in SlitherSense devices by opening the app and waiting for the device to be heard. In the following image, device with ID SS1-298981 has current readings of 70.21 fahrenheit and 36.88% relative humidity.

  2. The second purpose of the app is to send that 'heard' data up to the platform on the internet. The application will send data to the internet once every 5 minutes however, the data in the list of devices shown in the application will update in real time.

  3. The third purpose of the application is to provide you with a message to transmit the credentials for your home Wi-Fi network to the SlitherSense gateway. Please consult the Gateway documentation for information on this particular feature.

  4. A fourth use of the application is to provide you with a quick method to add a device to your account, or, to claim a device. If you tap on a device in the list of heard devices it will take you to the platform website and pre-populate the device field.

There is a cloud icon at the bottom of the application. This can be used to take you to the platform website.

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