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Overview of Credits

Unfortunately, the SlitherSense platform costs money to operate and your use of the platform cannot be free forever. There are certain aspects of the system that cost money to execute. For example, sending a text message cost a certain amount of money. The SlitherSense team are not fans of recurring subscriptions that charge you money without your explicit approval. Therefore, the SlitherSense system operates using a credit model. Various actions of the system will deduct credits from your account. The table below shows the number of credits consumed for certain tasks. All new accounts will start with a bucket of credits that come with the purchase of the equipment.

The number of credits provided with new accounts that are of normal size and tuned to lower alerts should provide several years of no-fee use.

The root account is the only user that can access the credit information as well this is the only user that can refresh credits. Credits can be purchased in bulk from the SlitherSense shop.

Viewing Credits

As the root user, view your profile information and you will see the remaining credits at the bottom.

Exhausted all Credits

When you have exhausted the number of credits in your account, you will receive an alert:

Purchasing Credits

You can head over to shop.slithersense.com to purchase credits in bulk.

Credit Fee Table

The following table lists the credit 'cost' of various parts of the system.

Action/Thing Credit Fee Description
Alert (Email) 1 An alert that generates an email will consume one credit. This is per user that has alerting enabled.
Alert (SMS/Text) 2 An alert that generates a text message (SMS) will consume two credits. This is per user that has alerting enabled.
Data Retention 1/device/month The SlitherSense system keeps 4 weeks of device data by default. You can increase this amount in the per-device settings. The system will consume one credit per-device-month of storage per month. See data storage for a more in-depth explanation.
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