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Why "Vivarium" instead of "Terrarium"

I'm occasionally asked why I used vivarium and vivaria rather than terrarium and terraria. I struggled with this one a bit; I've always used "terrarium" until I started SlitherSense and forced myself to learn the definitions.

The folks over at sum it up nicely with:

So, what is the difference between a terrarium and a vivarium?  Though
both environments can look very similar in terms of plants and earth,
terrariums are designed to raise plants, and vivariums are designed
primarily to be a habitat for an animal.


...there are lots of different “ariums,” and each describes a different
environment. Terrarium means land, and aquarium means water, for example.

Then we have vivarium, which roughly translates to “place of life.”

How can I reach you?

You can reach the SS team through one of the following:

I'm not getting alerts, what's up?

Some things to check:

  • Are Sunset and Sunrise times set properly on the vivarium? We've seen an instance of a user reversing these where sunrise was at 8PM and sunset was at 8AM. That resulted in alerts coming in backwards.
  • Is your email address correct in your profile?
    Since the email was verified, it should be but, good to verify.
  • Is the alert in Spam? The subject of the messages is "SlitherSense Alert"
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