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The devices area of the user interface is for administration and view of devices that you have claimed.

See All

To access the list of Devices, click Devices -> All Devices.

You will see a table that lists all Vivaria/Terraria and Storage Units organized by Location.

There is an actions column on the table with actions for:

  • Eye: View the devices data
  • Pencil: Edit the device
  • X: Delete the device

Claiming a Device

https://slithersense.io/device/add Devices must be claimed by you to use in your SlitherSense deployment.
Click on Devices -> Add Device to add a device.
The device's six-digit identifier is required to add it to your account. In the following image, the six-digit ID of the device is 340228. (Click to enlarge)

NOTE: You can use the SlitherSense app on iOS or Android to quickly add devices to your account.

View Device Data

if you click on the eye icon for a device at /devices it will take you to the data view of that device.

The following is an example of a heat lamp failure that occurred while developing SlitherSense.

Edit a Device

When you click the pencil icon in /devices you will see the following:

The following table describes the settings.

Setting Description
ID This is a read-only field in the form. The six-digit identifier of the device is not modifiable.
Device Name User-defined name of the device. Feel free to call the device whatever you want.
Offline Alert If checked, the SlitherSense platform will generate an alert if this device has not published data within the last six hours.

Data Storage

The SlitherSense system retains 1 month (four weeks) of data per-device by default. This setting is configurable however credits will be consumed per-month by doing so at a rate of (1 * data-storage-months) per month. Here's an example of how this works:

  1. You add/claim a device.
  2. You set the data retention duration to 6 months for this one device.
  3. You will be charged 6 credits per month to store that data for this device on the first of the next month. The minimum data retention duration is 1 month (four weeks, 28 days) which will consume one credit per month for that device.
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